Monday, February 20, 2012

Rugby/Kindergarten Appropriate Activities

Well lets see, today's class began with Cassie teaching an activity in Rugby. First we were introduces to the English origins of Ruby in relation to Football, which was interesting to learn about. We then practiced throwing the Rugby ball with the designated cues that she provided: Thumbs up, turn the knob, rotate shoulders and finally step in opposition. These cue were well thought out as they help define and execute the proper throwing technique. Next we did a quick drill, throwing the ball behind us, which was supported a vital game concept. Finally we played a modified 4 v 4 game-like activity that really solidified the game concepts as well as throwing skills. I feel that the progression of her Rugby lesson helped establish a foundation for the game while keeping it interesting and interactive. Thanks for the lesson! Following that activity we meet back up with our groups to continue to work on Lab C (Omnikin Ball) lessons. I very much appreciate the input that I got from Dan and Steve as they were extremely helpful. They gave me some good ideas about teaching Kindergarten aged children. Although I still have to organize my activities for Lab C  I will center my lesson around the concept of on keeping the ball of the ground as the game calls for.  My teaching activities will include using their hands (in groups of 2, in groups of 4, against the wall etc. ) as well as using their feet to keep the ball off the ground (sitting on they bum). Through using both their hands and feet I feel that I will provide children the opportunity to develop fundamental movements. Again, I would like to thank you guys. Not only did you guys help me with this assignment but you helped me gain a better understanding of how to approach teaching younger children.

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