Friday, February 24, 2012


Today we played Tchoukball. Again the class was taught by our peers as we each are learning to create lesson plans and appropriate task progressions. All of lessons were had some strengths and weakness. Here's something that I keep playing back in my head that my professor says, "If it's not fun to teach, then it's not fun for the student's." That is such a simple concept and makes perfect sense. However, if it challenging to create fun and interesting ways to teach skill development. Two of the lessons were more drills than activities. Although drills are necessary for athletic development that may not be the best approach for a PE class. It goes without say that not all students what to be athletes, but as PE teachers we want to help all children develop physical life-long activities. And although these two ideas might seem the same the approach needs to fit the goal. If we approach physical education with drills non-athletes will be turn off. However if we approach physical education as a fun interactive way to stay healthly PE teachers will be able to appeal to more student and make a bigger impact on student's health and fitness. As I already stated this is not easy to accomplish, but I think it's important to consistently strive for this, because this the ultimate goal.

Monday I will have to teaching a lesson on Omnikin intended for Kindergarten school age children. As  I mentioned in previous post I'm finding assignment to be difficult as I currently have a limited knowledge of the developmental capabilities of this age group and because I'm not sure to make the lesson feel less drill like and more game/activity like. I have my work cut out this weekend and hopefully I'm able to refine my lesson into something that even my peers can enjoy.

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