Friday, February 24, 2012


Do You Know Handtis? I do now...You can too! It's a great activity to incorporate into your PE program. It will help your students build hand-eye coordination while having loads of ton. Also it is easy to modify to meet the level of students. Furthermore you can adapt it to what every equipment you already have. So, lets recap it cost effective, it allows students to development fundamental skills, doesn't require a lot of space and its FUN!!! What are you waiting for??? I was introduce to this games by three peers who taught the skill and concepts of the game at a 4th grade level, 8th grade level and 10th grade. It is a great activity because those students who are not high energy can be encouraged and be successful in the PE classroom. Its a awesome way to get everyone involved whether they like PE or not.

Also check out this lesson. Note that Mike was able to modify the equipment during the lesson.

Pretty Cool!!!

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