Thursday, February 9, 2012

Learning from Students Teaching Their Jump Rope Activity

Wednesday’s class marked the start of Lab B. A few students taught their jump rope activity and already the learning can be witness, as there were many positive teaching components were present in their lessons. A few things that stood out such as having a really appropriate hook, as Trisha did: "Don’t step on the crack or you’ll break your mothers back". It was fitting and highly supported teaching the movements involved in her activity. Also, Justin used a student to help demonstrate which just transformed the classroom environment. It was impressive to see the transition and the benefits of this student involved. My professor did mention that in this situation you would be best have both a boy and girl demonstrate, as to not exclude, but to have both genders represented. Eric did a great job in his ability to push on when he experienced an equipment malfunction. Unfortunately, these sorts of mishaps will occur and as an instructor you need to also be prepared to improvise your lesson accordingly. Everyone one gave feedback that was congruent with their teaching cues to both reinforce what they taught and help students understand exactly what is except of them; this sort of feedback is necessary to solidify the learning process. Also, another thing that I think was especially important was simplify the task. The simpler the task is presented, the easier it is for student to grasp and respectively will have a higher success rate of task performance. All in all there were some very good teaching/learning experiences in the class.

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