Thursday, February 16, 2012

Task Variations

During Wednesdays class we reviewed some teaching techniques and tools. We first did some Rebus puzzles to get the ball rolling. The puzzles were fun and and where an interesting way to start off. This little activity really help shape the tone of lecture and the way it was received.  Needless to say, physical education is just about teaching physical active but developing the whole person. This activity will be something that I store in my bag of trick for later use in the classroom. 
We also took a look at what intratask variation is and how it can be used. If a single student is able to perform the task it would be appropriate to increase the difficulty of the task for them. For example, in jump roping activities if one student gets the activity you might ask them to see if they can perform a more complex activity. Conversely if the task is too challenging you might want to simplify the task at first to create successful experience that they can build upon. There are numerous ways to alter task difficulty that are relativity easy to accomplish. Changing the environment (space or equipment, open or closed skill), or changing the number of players, time requirements or skill movements. It is important to keep all students fully engaged within their individual levels of development.

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