Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Benefits of Scaffolding and Pinpointing

On Monday's class we completed Lab B. There were some good things that came out of this class. The activities that we did today where more complex, however they were taught with in a way that made they ease to accomplish. It is really important to simplify thing where you can, especially at the beginning stages of learning. Also there was a common theme between lesson to pinpoint students and have them show off they 'stuff". This is good for a number of reasons. It reestablishes the correct form and and develops individual self-accomplishment/self efficacy. Additional an opportunity presented itself were scaffolding was extremely helping in teaching the task, as in the case of Stephanie lesson where she scaffold on Dan's lesson. This teaching technique really help understand the task. On another note I really liked the progression of Dave's lesson. Everything (cues, demonstration, lead up progression) was well thought-out and this came across effectively.  Some of the hooks were motivational which help create an certain climate. Pretty much up to this point student have been cooperative. However there was a handful is students who acting out. This was done intentionally to help teacher not only improve their  ability to manage and monitor their class. Basically more really to life. It is important to be able to keep everyone on task while simultaneously keeping your eye on everyone and everything that is happening in your class.
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