Saturday, February 4, 2012

Learning to Jump Rope

Yes, we all know how to jump rope but as I've mentioned in previous blogs our class has been experimenting with different jump rope activities. Our next teaching Lab will require each of us to teach the entire class a new jump roping skill. In class on Friday we had some time to practice the skill that we will be teaching in the next week or so. More importantly we got the opportunity to talk to and get feedback from the TA's, which I found to be very helpful. Got some good tips from Danielle and the rest of the crew. Thanks much guys! Got some ideas on how to get student to line up in a way that I'll be able to see them all, as well as keep them all safe. It was also pointed out that if during my lesson I'm going to ask students to start with their right foot it would probably be best if I started with my left, so they'll have an easier time understanding the movements. Furthermore since the activity that I have to teach is a bit complex if might be best to have students perform the footwork before using the jump rope to make sure they first understand the movements. Also, I want to try and give students positive reinforcement followed up instructional feedback and than encouragement. All in all I think I gained some useful tools to that I'll be able to use it this teaching lab and in my PE career.

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