Sunday, January 29, 2012

Teaching Lab A Start to Finish

Let's Recap! On the first day my Basics of Effective PE Instruction course my professor had each student teach a skill to half the class. This experience was nerve racking as we were all were put on the spot without any time to prepare, (no better way to begin to really assess your teaching skills). As you can see I was completely shaken and my instructions could have been more clear. Although I unknowingly posses some strong suits, as I scanned the "student" for understanding, gave some positive reinforcements and positive instruction. However there were still many areas that I need to work on. Let's take a look at
Day 1:

The next week and a half we reflected on our teaching and were give the time to prepare a mini lesson and re-teaching the same skill. In some ways this was easier and in others way it was more challenging, but we'll get to that. First look at the product:

So, there you have it! Now lets take a closer look. One are of  improvement was I felt a bit more confident in the teaching cues for the skill, basically leading to clear teaching instructions for my "student", which is extremely important to be able to accurately relay the knowledge.
Get geared UP!
First we get into proper serve position.
Instructing my peers to strike the ball with the heal of their hand.

 I presented a connection between the skill and life, this often times facilities as a motivator and engages the student cognitively; although my delivery could have been clearer. I offered some positive reinforcement but probably should have been more enthusiastic, because as the teacher is becomes your responsibility to motivate student and help them enjoy the activities. Although there were some positive aspects of this teaching experience it is very clear to me that I need to continued to address many different elements of teaching simultaneously. As I was finishing up it came to my attention that I didn't have an even number of students, therefore a left a student out of the activity. Although my classmates were able to manage, this is not something I will let happen again. Remembering back to last semester dance class my instructor always made a lost and found for those who were partner-less and I now understand the importance of that. It is all too easy to overlook one person especially as you start working with a large body of students. By making a "lost and found" or simply checking to make certain everyone has a partner I can avoid possibly leaving a child out!!!

So there is a transcript of my lesson.
There are a few major problems.  First, I tend to use the word "alright" way too much. Also at one point I was asking for assistance in my demonstration but the funny things is I never actually said that. I need to learn to communicate more clearly!

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