Thursday, January 19, 2012

First Class

I now have a greater appreciation for all that goes into creating an effective instructional lesson. The class was divided into two groups and each class member had the opportunity to teach a particular skill to the rest of us. I have to say I was unsuspecting of this since your typical first day is going over the syllabus, course objectives and expectations. This hands on approach was extremely intimidating but I can say I have high hopes for this class. This course is not just regurgitating info, which I'm good at, rather it provides a forum to apply teach theory and develop teaching skills in a controlled environment. I expect that this course will be very useful in my professional development. !Excellent!

Take a peak:


  1. Hands on is a good thing. Looking forward to hearing more :)

  2. Experiential learning is crucial to your growth as a teacher candidate and someone dedicated to helping others learn. Excited for a great semester!