Monday, January 23, 2012

PE Environment

Today we skimmed the surface of some of the key elements to effective physical education environments. For starters is important to get student engage right away. It's PE - not lecture! Get them moving and active in either a warm-up or activity. This gets the blood pumping and helps with cardio endurance. Also, you need to give clear task instructions and designate a means in which you will get their attention while in the middle of activities. This helps establish and maintain guidelines/structure that both the instructor and the students will benefit from. Another important element that facilitates in creating a thriving environment is visual aid. Informative visual aids are for students to refer back to help them succeed. That is the point of PE; to achieve development in the psychomotor, cognitive and affective domains of learning…RIGHT?! In addition to these components, as an instructor you need to make the connections between activities and pertinent information, as this will act as a source of motivation.

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