Thursday, January 26, 2012

Locomotor Tag

The first activity of the day was simple and yet possessed the of essence of physical education. We began with basic locomotor movements ie. walking, jumping, skipping, and galloping in a fun game of tag. This little game gave us a little cardio workout and focused on the basic movements while creating a slight motivational competitiveness yet fostering teamwork to free those who were frozen (Egyptian Pyramid). Then we did more practice with balance, and flexibility. The beauty of the days activities is that we didn't use ANY equipment!!! I especially like this type of teaching for many reasons. First and foremost it demonstrates creative play more similar to what younger children engage in while simultaneous giving kids new ideas that they'll be able to do at home with their families (siblings) for fun (and exercise). The class broke into groups to revisit their previous skill teaching lab methods and worked on different ways to improve. The final activity of the day was to drive home the point that as a PE instructor you need to project your voice. The class formed two lines facing each other about 1-2 feet away from each other and repeated, "There ain't no bugs on us, there ain't no bugs on us, there might be bugs on you guys, but there ain't no bugs on us."

There are a few good reasons PE instructors have to project they voice. One being that as a PE instructor you need to be able to ready attention of students on the other end of the gym for instructional and safety purposes.  Simple put, it would just we a waste of precious time to huddle in with every variation of the activity.

On a completely different topic it is my opinion that all PE classrooms such have music; it changes/enhance the atmosphere tremendously!

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