Friday, April 13, 2012


Wednesday April 4th, marked the start of Lab D. Trisha got the ball rolling and might I added did a phenomenal job. I was utterly impressed with her yoga lesson.  She started with a quick game of tag, however she modified it some. The two “It” was carrying a weighted backpack on their chest.  This was done in part to represent the difficulties that unhealthy body weight can cause while simultaneously increasing the task difficultly.  Then the class split up into pairs. Partners rotating through 6 stations that she created. At each station we did a different Yoga position. She did a great job with the visual aids. She had two pictures on each poster board. One picture showed the correct form and the other showed the muscle groups that are used for that particular position. Furthermore the poster had intra-task variations. These encourage me to try for the harder position (Acted as a motivator).  Once we completed all the stations we took part in a yoga routine she prepared. Trisha made this awesome yoga video routine. By the end of the class I really felt like I got something out of her lesson. Furthermore I have been doing yoga every morning since. This is what we should all be inspiring to achieve and accomplish in PE. Thanks for all your hard work Trisha. 

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