Saturday, April 21, 2012

ExerGamaing Teaching Lab

During Wednesday’s class, I had the pleasure of sitting in on another two lessons. Both Emily and Leslie did an awesome job and there lessons were fun and engaging. In addition, it was apparent that both of them spent a lot of time preparing and becoming familiar with the ExerGaming equipment. The health issue that Emily had to cover was Diabetes. She did an excellent job integrating some of the key concepts of diabetes in a more hands on approach. One activity that she planned was particularly important to the teaching of the health issue. Basically, she created an activity that allowed students to learn cognitively through the systematic incorporation of the group members. When she yelled Insulin Shock  the whole group worked together to fight against the the (increasing blood sugar levels). Her lesson was great and she did a really good job managing the class and the activities. Leslie’s lesson involved many different ExerGaming technologies.  She had four video gaming stations setup. We rotated through the different stations. It was really a lot of fun and I wish we could have spent more time in there. We played a little Wii tennis, some bicycle power race car game for children, a vitual bomb game  for the PlayStation Eye Toy and a another bicycle powered basketball game. She put a lot of time in to get it all prepared for the class and it definitely showed and paid off. Thanks you both Emily and Leslie for your contributions and the learning experience. 

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