Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pool Time

Yesterday both Mike and Devon taught their Lab D lessons in the pool. I had the pleasure of recording. This was a first and I’m not certain that I did a great job. Hopefully they'll both still be able to benefit from them their videosJ  Either way, there were some strengths and some things could probably could have used some refinement.  Devon had a great idea with the water aerobics routine. It was a simple and fun way to play in the pool while still providing a cardio workout.  During Devon’s teaching lesson, there were some behavior problems with the “students”. His behavior management approach was too steep out the gate with those students and he had nowhere else to go. He probably should have taken a less serve approach to begin with. Mike used some device to create a relay swimming event. That looked interesting and I image that the rest of my class enjoyed it. Mike keep kneel down beside the pool. This teaching style seems appropriate and and I think it help establish him as a authority figure as opposed to getting in to the pool right away. Devon on the other hand got in the pool. Since Devon was doing an aerobics routine I understand why he did. There were some really great moments. These guys did a fantastic job. 

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