Friday, April 13, 2012


On Friday the 6th Dan did his teaching lab on Zumba. He did a great job. Something that Dan brings to the table that is uniquely his is his feverous energy.  Even before his lesson started he had the class moving and dancing around.  We learned a few Zumba moves as a class and then we did a Zumba routine video that he created. It was neat since I’ve never done any Zumba. Then he threw us for a loop. We had to work in small groups to create our own little Zumba routine with the moves that we learned. I think that this was a good idea however it might have actually worked better as an end of the unit project. There wasn’t enough time to really be creative. However, as each group presented their routine all the other groups were following along. One of the downfalls in Dan teaching I didn’t really feel like I got a good workout and from what I understand that’s what Zumba is good for. But overall Dan put a lot of work and effort in and it showed off, however some minor refinement might have been beneficial.  

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