Thursday, May 3, 2012


Monday, April 30th 2012 was the final class for my EDU255 course Basics in Effective Instruction in PE. First, I would like to say thank you Professor Yang for you contagious enthusiasm and passion. It has been eye opening and soul-searching semester. It is through this class that I feel even stronger about my pursuit to be a Physical Education teacher, and for this I thank you. You said something that really sunk in and was great to hear. If you don’t want to be totally submerged in these children’s lives then being a teacher in not for you. When I applied to Cortland, one of my motivates was to be able to reach out to those children (through the physical) who are looking for someone. It was source of strength for both my mind and my body in my youth, and I want to give that back. This semester has showed me just some of the ways I can reach my goal. In addition, it is through this class that I expanded my view of how and what Physical Education can and should be. To Rockstar PE!

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