Thursday, May 3, 2012


During Monday’s class, we were in the ExerGaming Lab again. I could get used to this. Both Max and Stephanie did an excellent job developing their lessons and task progression. Both taught a lesson using the DDR system. I liked the way that Stephanie had students who scored high during each round write their name up on the broad. It was an interesting way to assess while creating friendly competition. It was a good idea. Max was thrown a curve ball during his lesson. Our professor staged a student having a seizure. Although there were things that Max could have done different during this “happening”, I think that he well. Furthermore, I think that I was a good way to integrate and practice the application of what we have learning in our First Aid courses. Max had one task in particular at the end of his lesson that was fun. We were playing with our feet, doing the crab walk. This was an interesting twist. Thanks for the lessons Stephanie and Max.

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