Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cup Stacking/Hantis

Wednesday’s class was brought to us courtesy of Kyle and David. David always does well, as he has good stage presence if you will. His lesson was on cup stacking. At first all I could think was this was not appropriate for PE class. I could not have been more wrong. This was a fun and instinctually challenging activity. Furthermore, cup stacking really helps the development of bi-lateral movement as well as brain functioning. Even though cup stacking is low-energy it’s a great activity to do in PE classes for many reason. You do not have to be an all-star to be fully engaged. Anyone and everyone can participant and enjoy it. We need more of this types of activities to help student find their place in the PE classroom. Remember, only 20% of all children like physical education classes, thus it’s up to instructor to try new things and help every child find their place in the PE. Kyle taught us another lesson in Hantis, which is truly a neat game. One nice thing about Hantis is that is easily adapted. Tables and balls can be modified with whatever the school has on hand. It’s a good activity to promote cooperation and teamwork, Thanks guys for the lesson. I look forward to incorporating both of these activities into my own classroom one day.

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