Saturday, March 3, 2012


Wednesday class was inspiring with the final teaching experience on Scotland's Shinty. The group that taught really brought some great elements to their teaching and it was overall a great opportunity to learn from other students. First,Trisha created a fun instant activity using index cards with Scotland related pictures (Loch Ness Monster, flag, map) and corresponding fitness stations. It was a fun and different approach to promote activity and learning at the sametime. She taught kindergarten level and took the game Builders and Bulldozers and modified it to teach striking the ball when it's on the ground. One thing that I struggled with was whether the activity actually taught a skill that would be used in game of Shinty. However I had the same concerns as I was preparing my Kindergarten lesson. None the less the lesson was well planned out and was fun to be a part of. Stephanie also used an interesting instant activity in which she broke up the Scottish flag and put math problems on the back which were to be solved. I wonder it this activity could have been expand upon but the idea was awesome. A possibly suggestion might be put facts about the origin of the game, as this activity would be supporingt learning by discovery. Dave did a great job teaching as he seems to demand the right amount of attention in a fun and natural way. He incorporated a video from YouTube to development the cognitive learning. However, I did feel that perhaps he could have shorted up the instructional and safety statements. I liked the modified side-game that we played. Furthermore he actually gave us a task that was new for most of us and therefore was challenging and fun to work on. Collectively this group did an awesome job!

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