Sunday, March 25, 2012

NYS PE Report Card

Wednesday in class we began to discuss our final teaching lab. There more elements to consider when we do our teaching Lab D. We are including technology in this lab. Besides that we also need to design a bulletin board as this is skill that we need while teaching in schools. If designed correctly they should be aesthetically pleasing, eye-catching and informative. A bulletin board can be a great tool for teachers to spread important information to their students. I’m up for the challenge. I enjoy these sorts of assignments as they allow my creative side to come out. Additionally these boards will be left up for a little while and although I’m a bit nervous I’m hopeful I that I’ll present some new and useful information to others who stop to read it. During our class we also stressed the importance gearing our PE classes toward reaching commencement level goals. In the past PE lacked true criteria. It is more important than ever that PE raise the bar and create more concrete standards. As a teachers candidate it will one day be my responsibility to help reach and exceed the standards of the New Your State PE Profile. It will be my duty to develop health-related fitness within as many many categories of activities as possible.  

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